Scott Norton Bio

Scott Norton

Scott C. Norton is the founder and president of Norton Sports Management (NSM). For over twenty years, he has been a sports agent, and has been certified by the National Hockey League Players’ Association since the inception of the process in 1994. Norton has been a partner in two other sports agencies, and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience enabling Norton Sports to be one of the most effective leaders in sports management.

Norton assists with the careers of not only NHL All-Stars and Olympians, but with many players who do not get the headlines. He has represented two players drafted 1st overall in the Ontario Hockey League Draft, and more than a dozen NHL 1st Round Draft picks. Norton has negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in contract and endorsements for his clients, and has assisted over one hundred players in their development from youth hockey players to the National Hockey League.

Norton is active in the ownership of both the Chicago Bulls and the Chicago White Sox. He has had the opportunity to partake in various aspects of the sports business since his early teens. Norton played hockey at a high level as a young man, and then went on to not only coach at the AAA level in Illinois, but was also the president of the Team Illinois AAA program for ten years. After his playing career was over, Norton graduated from Columbia College with honors while double majoring in communications and business.

Because of his own strong family background, Norton realizes that many times there is more to a client’s life than just the athlete himself. Parents, spouses and children many times need to be recognized for their part in a client’s career and future. Norton believes that the welfare of a player extends beyond his or her performance. Therefore, Norton Sports Management tailors its services to each individual client’s needs.

Scott C. Norton has residences in Chicago, IL and Laguna Beach, CA, and has two children of his own, his son Matthew and his daughter Dylan.