Contract Negotiations

Scott Norton is considered one of the premier negotiators in the NHL. After almost 20 years in the business, Norton has negotiated hundreds of millions of dollars in contracts. He has successfully completed deals for hockey players at every position and with every NHL team. Through diligence and creativity, Norton has been able to set the marketplace for first round draft picks, as well as veterans on their last professional deals. He is foremost in the hockey world for maximizing his clients’ futures. Norton’s expertise is not just limited the North American Leagues as he negotiated the largest contract ever done for a North American client playing in Europe (Kontinental Hockey League).

Financial Management

Norton Sports provides full-service planning for each client through its relationship with select experts in financial planning. NSM will assist in areas such as budgeting, bill paying, cash flow management and investment consulting, in addition to post-career retirement planning. NSM not only attempts to maximize a client’s value during his career, but also emphasizes the development of lifelong revenue streams for the client and his family. This is not an area which NSM handles in-house nor mandates our involvement, but are prepared to assist with all financial needs.

Athlete Marketing

Norton Sports Management is one of the leaders in the hockey agency field in providing marketing and endorsement opportunities for its clients. We feel strongly that each and every client should have these opportunities available to them. We have been successful in not only negotiating equipment and trading card contracts for many of our clients, but numerous appearances in both NHL and AHL cities. . We are aggressive and pro-active in our search for opportunities for all of our clients.


Norton Sports provides its clients and their families with the best options for the full scope of insurance needs. Whether it be Life, Automobile, Home or Career Ending Disability Insurance, NSM assists to protect our clients on and off the ice.

Latest News

Prospect Matt Rempe’s late-blooming push: ‘He’s on this exponential curve’

By Scott Cruickshank  Sep 8, 2020 This is a legacy with breadth. Ron Rempe, by all accounts, was that type of person. His contributions varied in scope. From the grandest scale — Ron’s engineering company designed the Saddledome’s iconic roof — to those on the smaller side. For instance, the model-train course running through the family home, a layout that included tracks set into the ceiling. His interests spanned the gamut. Ron collected western shirts, guitars, beer steins, hotel bells, grandfather clocks, action figures, drums, antiques. “Super, super creative. Larger than life,” said his daughter Steph. “This 6-foot-6 guy, you’d see him in the stands (for Calgary Flames games) in pink cowboy boots, long trench coat, funky glasses. He played drums in a band growing up. He taught all of us three instruments. Loved art. Loved music. Loved painting. Spoke four languages. “An all-round incredible person. He was such a presence, always talking to us about finding things we were passionate about. None of us are into video games. It’s such an artistic, creative family. “Every Sunday morning, I can still remember, we’d wake up and he’d be down in the kitchen with some different CD on — whether it would be Mexican, country, bluegrass, jazz, rock and roll. Always some different genre.” For vacations, the Rempes would pile into the family roadster and hit the highway, driving to Toronto, to nearly every state south of the border. Time was never wasted. “We’d be listening to music and sightseeing, trying different foods and going on adventures,” said Steph. “We’d bring our guitars and recorders and we would play everywhere we went.... read more


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